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Iím currently writing the most intense book of my career Ė my dissertation Ė on digital literacy and its role in teaching writing. But that doesnít mean my characters are resting. Benson has been busy in his freshman year, and that book, Cruds & Blips, is nearly finished. Charlie Mantelís prequel, the insight into why his kid sister Jamie helped kill 98% of the worldís population in 8 Days, is being edited. And along with a new Danna Scanlon novel in the works, Iím revising a contemporary fiction/YA manuscript about a homeless boy that many of my critics say is my best book yet. So pen is still to the proverbial paper, and when this pesky PhD is finished, Dr. Bum will focus her energy on releasing several new novels! Thank you for being patient with me!

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New Release! My young adult short story "The Dark Side" currently appears in Mysteries of the Ozarks, Vol. III.

My nonfiction honorable mention story, Memoir in Montage, has been published in the Well-Versed 2010 edition. A flash fiction piece, Premature Calls, also appears in that collection. For information to purchase each of these collections, visit www.amazon.com.

Iíve recently published several education articles, and I have stories coming out soon in various anthologies, so I will keep you posted!

I am now the Co-Associate Director of the Missouri Writing Project and hope to continue to inspire teachers to write. While many teachers teach writing, too many donít see themselves as writers. My mission is to change that!

Barri, Ellen Hopkins and Lynn Viehl discuss "Novel Writing: Choosing a Method that Works for You" at WOW! Women on Writing TM.

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